Kew Traffic School Booking Terms and Conditions

General Terms and Conditions
  1. Objectives of this service
    This service allows you to place a booking at Kew Traffic School.
    The terms and conditions of the booking are separate.
  2. How the service works
    • (1) You choose the session you want to book
    • (2) You provide the requested personal information
    • (3) You agree to Council's Payment Terms and Conditions and then provide your credit card details
    • (4) If your payment is processed successfully, you will receive a confirmation email
  3. Information provided must be complete and correct
    When you provide information to Council, you must ensure that the information you provide is:
    • Complete and that you have filled in all mandatory fields
    • Correct to the best of your knowledge and
    • Free of any software viruses.

    Council is not responsible for any consequences if the information is incomplete, incorrect or tainted such as:
    • Unpaid accounts
    • Failure to finalise booking
  4. Confidentiality of your information

    The information you provide will be used in accordance with Council's Information Privacy Policy which can be accessed on Council's website at City of Boroondara.

    The information you provide will only be used for the purpose of this service.

    Council will to the best of its ability provide a secure service however:
    • You acknowledge that although Council will make all reasonable efforts to ensure that the service is secure, Council cannot guarantee that the data transfers will not be monitored or read by others; and
    • You agree to access the service from a secure location and to maintain appropriate software security programs (i.e. firewall and virus protection).
  5. Reliability of the service

    You agree that Council cannot guarantee that this service will operate without errors or that it will be operational and available at all times. If there is an error or if the service is non-operational, Council will, as soon as possible, restore the service.

    If there is an error or if the service is non-operational, Council will, as soon as possible, restore the service.

  6. General Terms
    1. Assignment of rights
      You are not allowed to transfer any of your rights or obligations arising out of your use of this service to any other person without Council's written permission.
    2. Waiver
      A delay on Council's behalf to exercise its rights or remedies in relation to this service will not constitute a waiver of those rights.
    3. Governing law
      The terms and conditions of the provision and use of this service will be governed by the laws of Victoria.
    4. Entire Agreement
      These terms and conditions constitute the entire agreement in relation to the provision and use of this service.
    5. Changes to terms and conditions
      Council may changes these terms and conditions at any time and will notify you by making a notice available on Council's website.
Payment Terms and Conditions
  1. Credit card payments

    A booking is only confirmed once payment is processed (i.e. funds cleared) and you receive a confirmation email.

    You are responsible for:
    1. Ensuring there is sufficient credit available on the credit card nominated for payment
    2. Paying any additional fees and charges from your financial institution
    3. Recording the reference number of any transactions for use in any correspondence with the Council.

    You agree that Council is not responsible for incorrect, unauthorised or fraudulent transactions and if such transactions occur, Council may reverse the transaction. The amount will still be owing and the booking will not be processed.
  2. Processing payments
    All transactions will be processed within the following time frames:
    1. For transactions submitted on a business day, on the same day
    2. For transactions submitted on a weekend or public holiday, on the next business day

    Council will process transactions without delay however you agree that Council is not liable should a delay occur.
  3. Cancellation of your booking
    If you decide you do not want to proceed with the booking please advise Kew Traffic School on (03) 9278 4444.